LUMIRA fragrances are undeniably luxurious, defined not only by the quality of their ingredients, the meticulous attention to detail applied in production but, most importantly, the memories they evoke.

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Known for:
Luxurious hand-crafted scents
Hero Product:
Cuban Tobacco Candle

The founder
Almira Armstrong

Inspired by a passion for great design and practical utility, LUMIRA is the brainchild of Sydney-based designer and entrepreneur, Almira Armstrong.

Pre-LUMIRA, Armstrong’s background in PR and marketing saw her relocate to live and work in London, Los Angeles and New York. The cities themselves certainly proved inspiring, however also provided convenient
bases to indulge in another great passion — travel. In dedication to the artisan studios and workshops of Europe to which she owes her
own lineage, LUMIRA was born.

Brand Identity
Travel Inspired

To speak about fragrance is to speak of memory and experience and love. At LUMIRA, we are inspired by all of these things but above all, we are guided by a passion for design and the art of travel.

Each of our scents can be directly traced to a specific destination: a bustling urban environment, a far-flung village in the countryside, a luxurious island resort. We distil not only the olfactory cues of each locale, but also its ambience; the lasting impression it leaves on a visitor. In turn, these fragrances evoke a specific feeling – some uplifting, others soothing – in their new environment.

Those who welcome LUMIRA into their world find it acts as a perfumed portal to other corners of the globe. This is the magic and luxury of a hand-crafted scent.

Discover Lumira

Since 2013, they’ve harnessed the intangible as a gateway into both memory, and fantasy—nostalgia for well-worn paths and yearning for far-flung places, all in the form of a soap, a perfume, or a candle.