Superegg is a wellness-based premium Vegan skincare brand inspired by the holistic Korean beauty philosophy and the egg’s nutritional values for the skin. Balanced by clinical actives and potent botanicals utilized in historical Asian culture for centuries, each mindfully-developed product is driven by efficacy and experience, bringing daily comfort to self-care rituals. Superegg is made with you and our planet in mind.

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Known for:
A Korean minimalist brand utilizing the power of plant botanicals and biotech.
Hero Product:
Sound Renewal Serum Cream

The founder
Erica Choi

Erica is a licensed esthetician, and the formulator of Superegg. As the leading lifestyle influencer behind Egg Canvas and the former VP of Digital Design of Barneys New York, she has worked over a decade partnering with renowned brands in the luxury fashion, beauty, and hospitality industries.

Clean Ingredients
From Skin to Ecosystem

Superegg's credo is to support the well-being of your body and the planet, from skin to ecosystem. They are committed to ensuring each ingredient in their products is intentionally present. Their mindfully created products omit 2700+ specific ingredients and types of
ingredients linked to health or
environmental issues.

Conscious Choices

Increasing the sustainability of their packaging is of utmost priority, which means using more recycled content and less packaging overall. Their carton boxes are made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper. They are working towards PCR (post-consumer recycled) resin and glass, as well as refillable systems for our primary packaging.

They make conscious choices with their production process, sourcing high-quality ingredients, and executing fair trade practices.

Superegg is also a committed partner to 1% for the planet, an international organization whose members contribute at least one percent of their annual sales to environmental causes.

Asian heritage and scientific balance

The word "Superegg" stems from a special shape popularized by Danish Poet and Scientist Piet Hein (1905– 1996) to describe a self-balancing oval-like volume. Balance is the core of Superegg. A harmony of nutrition and design, each component of an egg—the egg white, yolk, and eggshell membrane—is a graceful expression of balance.
Eggs also have played a storied role in Asian beauty practices since the first millennium. In 600 B.C. China, Zhang Lihua was said to have whipped up a facial cream composed of egg white and powdered vermilion.

"Superegg—which replicates the beneficial components of the egg using plant-based ingredients—delivers nourishment without irritation via its Sound Renewal cream; the round vessel is a nod to its Yolk Duplex technology."