Our Services

The Mission Behind David Pirrotta Brands is Simple: to build successful brands. We do this by approaching each client’s business from a 360 perspective, working to create a thoughtful definitive strategy with a strong and unique point of view in mind that adds meaning and value. Every brand has a story to tell, we work to tell that story to the retailers, press, and customers who need to hear it most, leaving them wanting to learn (and buy) more. David Pirrotta Brands provides consulting, management, and distribution based upon dedication and expertise that starts with Great People, Behind Great Brands!

Brand Management

At David Pirrotta, our brand managers customize sales strategies for each brand we work with, working to ensure they are placed into the best retailers who match their vision, aesthetic, and ideal customer base. Our national sales team spans both coasts, and visits and maintains relationships with every account to ensure that they have the tools to sell each line as best they can—whether that means strengthening the education component or the merchandising. Our showrooms (in LA and NYC) provide a touchpoint for buyers, media, and influencers to experience and become acquainted with our incredible product family and ever-growing team.

• Brand Development
• Sales Strategy
• National Sales Team
• Buyer Relationships
• Forecasting & Goal Setting
• Showroom Training & Education


In addition to brand management, we offer distribution for our international clients, offering them the tools to effectively have full business operations stateside. We work with our clients on this side of our business to streamline the entire wholesaling business from A to Z, giving our clients a edge in the highly competitive American market.

• Financial Strategy & Modeling
• Import
• Logistics
• Customs
• Inventory Management
• Large Scale Warehousing

Third Party Logistics

David Pirrotta Brands now offers Third Party Logistics at our facility located in Burbank, CA. Whether you’re a startup or an established brand, we offer individualized solutions based on your unique business needs. Contact us to learn more.

• Account Management
• B2b & B2c Fulfillment
• Quick Turn Around
• EDI Capable
• Hazmat Certified
• Kitting & Assembly

Marketing + Creative

Our creative teams works personally with our clients to harness their point of difference and share their story with the world. We work to create highly visual, powerful content that gets each brand in front of the customers who need to see it, whether it be through video production, copywriting, or public relations.

• Special Events
• Gifting & Sampling
• Influencer Marketing
• Partnerships & Collaborations
• Content Creation
• Photo + Video
• Copywriting
• Public Relations

Consultation Services

Our consultation program offers one hour phone calls, as many or as few as you'd like, between you and David Pirrotta Brands. On these calls you can ask any question or cover any topic, from Sales Strategy to Logistics and Branding to Packaging Design. We will advise and help you craft the tools you need to do this on your own. Many of our clients in this space are small brands who can't hire our services just yet, but want to leverage our expertise. Contact us for more info.