Maison d'Etto

A luxury brand of artisanal, gender-neutral fragrances set to redefine the notion of modern luxury. It is developed with the intention of being noticed, and designed for an undeniable connection. The brand’s ethos is to inspire moments of connection, reflection, and well-being, and nurture the human spirit one moment at a time. The brand is inspired by contemporary art, modern architecture, and the founder’s interpretation of the modern equestrian lifestyle.

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Known for:
Luxury Fragrances. Inspired by Horses.
Hero Product:
Durban Jane Eau de Parfum

Brianna Lipovsky

Brianna Lipovsky is a former creative and branding agency executive who is marked by her incredible attention to detail, vast knowledge of the fashion, luxury, lifestyle and beauty industries, as well as her fierce passion for the equestrian world.

Following over a decade of successfully working directly with top-tier brands, and running highly sought-after creative agencies in North America, Brianna went out on her own with the launch of her own brand. A personal desire to have sole authorship and complete artistic freedom of her own brand led to Maison d’Etto in 2017. Its development began with two of Brianna’s greatest passions: horses and scent.

When Brianna is not balancing family-life, launching her own brand, or running her own consulting agency, she can be found on a horse climbing her way up to Grand Prix Level of Dressage – a discipline she describes as living, breathing art.

the fragrances
A world of unspoken and invisible languages

Each fragrance is inspired by the horses that have taken the founder, Brianna Lipovsky, on journeys that connected her to the world through unspoken and invisible languages.

Maison d' Etto works with the world’s highest-quality ingredients and local producers around the world to provide pure, natural, transparent, sustainable ingredients that reset the standard on quality, and inspire customers and delight consumers every day.

Conscious & Trustworthy

Maison d'Etto uses FSC-certified paper, sustainable packaging and implements conscious design principles. They use EcoCert, socially responsible 'for life' and LMR ingredients in in all of their fragrances. All products are paraben free, sulfate free, dye free, cruelty free, vegan and never tested on animals.