St. Rose

ST. ROSE is a luxury brand of artisanal, gender-netural fragrances and candles created for the modern muses of now. With a trademark olfactory aesthetic rooted in individuality and unfettered self-expression the collection offers irreverent signature scents for those with an unapologetic sense of self. Synonymous with conscious luxury – where sophistication, performance, and eco-responsible design intersect.

Known for:
High-performance conscious luxury fragrances.
Hero Product:
French Poetry Eau de Parfum

Belinda Smith

Belinda, a native Australian, spent her early years in rural New South Wales, where she developed a love for nature and botanical fragrances. When her family moved to the U.S., scent became a way to connect with memories and places. Her Australian upbringing instilled in her a passion for clean beauty and high-quality ingredients. With a career in luxury retail, Belinda became intrigued by product development, leading her to create a sustainable, transparent, and luxurious fragrance line. As a mother of two, she advocates for safer, cleaner products and the preservation of natural beauty for future generations.

Modern & Timeless

As a fashion adjacent brand, ST. ROSE believes one’s olfactory aesthetic is deeply personal. Just as with our sartorial choices, one’s fragrance wardrobe becomes a way of introduction without saying a word.

From seductive woods and verdant florals to intoxicating spices and addictive gourmands the ST. ROSE trademark olfactory style is rooted in individuality and unbound self-expression. Modern and timeless, masculine and feminine, casual and polished …. deliberate juxtapositions create the essence of ST. ROSE.

Mindfully Sourced

The luxurious nature of ST. ROSE's eco-responsible fine fragrance compositions is the result of using only the highest-quality ingredients. They spare no cost when it comes to selecting a very intentional palette of the most mindfully sourced aromatic ingredients for each compositions. Every essence they use is ethically harvested, organic when possible, and sourced with traceability from its native region for the purest quality. The result is complex, super-concentrated, and high performing perfumes and candles.

In Harmony With Nature

Rooted in the art of nature, ST. ROSE is named for the Patron Saint of Gardeners and inspired to create in harmony with the Earth. We believe in slow perfumery, and creating products that will endure time. Conscious at ST. ROSE means ingredient transparency, it means vegan and cruelty-free, and that the materials we use are performant, safe, and responsibly sourced to be equally gentle to skin and planet.