19/99 believes our age should not define our idea of beauty.

They've created high-performance, multi-purpose products designed for those who want to define their own beauty and aren't concerned about what is considered appropriate for their age, position, or status – beauty for everyone from ages 19 to 99.

19/99’s multi-use essentials are designed for building, blending, buffing, smudging, and doing what you want. Makeup is an embellishment, an accessory, and above all, temporary. We embrace and find beauty in the smears, strokes, creases, and the time spent with ourselves to make up or just touch up.

Known for:
Multi Functional products for all.
Hero Product:
Precision Colour Pencil

Discover 19/99

Stephanie Spence & Camille Katona

Stephanie Spence and Camille Katona have a deep love for cosmetics, how they can be used to empower and express one’s self. After working in the industry for almost a decade (the pair began their careers at Bite Beauty, from start-up to LVMH acquisition) - they found themselves questioning why there were rules for how we age and how we use makeup. 

From this grew the idea of 19/99; a brand that is inclusive of all ideas of beauty. Their mission is to dissolve traditional definitions of beauty to empower individuals to create their own, and change how we use and consume makeup. Together 19/99 is changing the dialogue around aging, beauty, and how we consume makeup.

Vetted, Multi - Use Essentials - for all.

19/99 does not adhere to a dogma of beauty. All products are designed to work on all skin types, skin tones, across all age groups and for all ideas of beauty.

From lips to eyes to cheeks, all 19/99 products are easy to use and multi-purpose - so you can do more with less. We are rethinking how we use and consume colour cosmetics in the era of responsible beauty.

Responsible Beauty

Responsible beauty goes beyond clean ingredients. It is not only about how products affect the user, but also they affect the planet and the people who make them. 19/99 is committed to making the most sustainable choices for ingredients, packaging, and shipping materials. And most important, they create multi-purpose products so that you need to buy less.

19/99 products are cruelty-free, vegan, and free of synthetic fragrance. They use recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible, and minimize use of plastics.

"Beauty has no age limit and nowhere understands this better than the newly launched 19/99 Beauty."