Our vision is a collaboration of glamour, artistry, and wellbeing. We create products that are clean and innovative without compromising on performance and wearability. We believe that health and beauty are not mutually exclusive- that you can in fact wear bold and striking makeup without harmful ingredients. Our proprietary formula blends are unique and unprecedented, proving that high glamour can intersect with healthy living and give you both the confidence and peace of mind you want from a makeup brand.

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Known for:
Clean glamour without compromise
Hero Product:
Eyes On Me eyeshadow palette

The Founders
Tiffany Scott & Kate Synott

RÓEN Beauty was founded by beauty devotee and clean beauty advocate Tiffany Thurston Scott in the heart of Los Angeles. After collaborating with world renowned fashion photographer David Roemer on ROEN’s first campaign shoot, David joined RÓEN as Co-Founder and Creative Director. Mindful of the makeup artistry she so admired, Tiffany wanted artistry to be at the heart of the brand and after working with various makeup artists she eventually met Global Celebrity Make-up Artist Kate Synnott whose keen knowledge of makeup and product innovation created a synergy among the three of them. Soon after, Kate became RÓEN's Beauty Creative Director. 

Formulas & Ingredients

We created RÓEN to provide high-performing, non toxic cosmetics. We’ve been disappointed too often when purchasing what we thought would replace our favorite eye or lip product, just to find that the clean makeup alternative never gave us the payoff we were hoping for… until now. The RÓEN line promises to give you products that check all your boxes; high performing, luxe products made with clean, safe and non toxic ingredients.

Environmental Responsibility

We love Mother Earth, and by doing our part to practice sustainability we do our best to minimize waste in all capacities.Our products are packaged in a reusable and biodegradable duster bag, and all of our products are packaged in 100% recyclable cartons that are designed to be relatively small in order to reduce the amount of material utilized. Rest assured that we are constantly improving upon these practices as we continue to do our best to care for the planet.

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