Herbitual® provides relief, nourishment and peace to anyone suffering in their own skin. Whether it’s dry, sensitive or eczema prone skin, Herbitual® products are formulated with the goal of soothing, hydrating, nourishing and protecting your skin barrier. By utilizing a millenia of herbal knowledge, with FDA approved skin science, Herbitual® creates safe, clean and efficacious products to promote rebalance, repair and renewal. Through intense hydration, nourishment and protection - we do more than mask the symptoms of atopic skin - bringing transformative results and a path towards happier, healthier skin.

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Known for:
Elevated skin care for dry, sensitive + eczema-prone skin.
Hero Product:
Atopic Skin Defense

The Founder
Pete White

As an eczema sufferer, Pete is no stranger to the physical and mental distress associated with atopic skin issues. After struggling with chronic skin issues from his late teens into his thirties, Pete took a holistic and natural approach to healing, after all else had failed. Herbitual® is the culmination of his healing journey, a deep dive into Traditional Chinese Medicine that healed his skin - and the realization of a promise he made to himself at the height of his suffering.

Pete is an Australian artist and designer, who has worked in Australia, London, Hong Kong, New York and Los Angeles. His love of design and meticulous attention to detail, can be seen in every touchpoint of Herbitual’s brand.

integrity and heart
Herbal Rituals

Together with friend, partner and mentor, Dr Yueying Li, Pete has created a proprietary foundation of ancient botanicals that is at the heart of Herbitual’s products -Atopic Skin Defense®. This herbal formula is revered for it’s natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, it’s ability to reduce itch, irritation and sensitivity and it’s propensity to restore healthy barrier function.

ingredients matter
Tradition & Science

Herbitual® Atopic Skin Defense® is the first over the counter skin treatment, to combine Traditional Chinese Medicine, with FDA approved skin science. Free from steroids or harsh chemicals, Herbitual® Atopic Skin Defense® is a safe, clean, efficacious formula, that's gentle enough for even the most sensitive and delicate skin.