The Quiet Botanist

The Quiet Botanist was born out of a desire to slow down and listen. It draws inspiration from apothecaries of a bygone era, wild-harvested Australian botanicals and overgrown European gardens. Plants don’t rush and seasons always change.

The concept is one for intentional living – making time, cultivating place in order to curate moments of wellbeing and living well. Inspired by botanicals in all their forms and seasons.

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Known for:
Inspiring quiet and beauty with botanicals and chocolate.
Hero Product:
Botanical Wonder Bar

Rebecca O'Donnell

The Quiet Botanist was founded by Rebecca O’Donnell a New York based award winning Creative Director. Hailing originally from Sydney Australia, she created the brand out of a desire to slow down and listen, to be surrounded by botanicals and beauty and the freedom to create every day. 

Rebecca has always been a nature lover and constant gardener. Her store, was a place for Rebecca to heal from her chronic Lyme disease, and has since become a haven for a quiet life and place to inspire others.

Botanicals & Chocolates

The Quiet Botanist botanical chocolate range is inspired by the natural world, and combines organic edible flowers with decadent chocolate that’s pressed into beautiful flower molds and wrapped in botanical prints.

Botanical Lifestyle

The Quiet Botanist is a design collective and store based in Hudson in Upstate New York. Reminiscent of apothecaries, ateliers, and overgrown gardens of a bygone era.

From wild-crafted and dried flowers, they create everlasting products inspired by the Australian countryside and European cottage gardens to be enjoyed throughout the seasons.

Alongside flowers and chocolates they design gardens and considered objects for the home and garden, as well as clean beauty products in their botanical apothecary.