Jack Henry

Jack Henry is an award winning self care and wellness brand based in Costa Mesa, Ca with a global presence. All formulations are original and created in-house. No outside chemists or labs. They operate and manage production, inventory, logistics, marketing, sales, and product development full vertically by their team. They have a deep supply chain with family-run, eco-cert and sustainable farms for our ingredients.

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Known for:
Easy, sustainable, clean formulas, for men but gender inclusive.
Hero Product:

The Founders
Kyle Bardouche & Erin Bardouche

Kyle Bardouche understands the importance of simplicity and performance as a part of his daily self care routine. After years of being unsatisfied with the lack of attention to detail in the market, he realized that it can be a frustrating and uninspiring experience with traditional products that are filled with damaging and harmful ingredients. That's why he and his wife, Erin Bardouche, created jack henry, a new kind of men's wellness brand that prioritizes clean and functional formulations, housed in elevated glass packaging that makes daily hair and skincare  an enjoyable and satisfying experience.

Product Integrity

Whats on the inside matters most. Jack Henry believes that their dedication to transparency in every part of what they do is what separates us. Using only functional ingredients, every formulation is always free of aluminum, parabens, phthalates, pegs, sulfates, silicones, plastics, gluten, glycols, mineral oils and artificial fragrance.

Environmental Responsibility

Jack Henry is committed to clean products from start to finish. that means they care just as much about how their products work for you as they do about their impact on the planet. They strive to use sustainable, recyclable materials and ethically made/grown ingredients whenever possible. They also have a deep supply chain with family-run, eco-cert and sustainable farms for our ingredients.


What starts with a shift in the way we see ingredients, leads into an overall lifestyle change. Jack Henry always educate their customers not only on how to use jack henry products effectively, but how to take better care of themselves.

Want to upgrade your routine? California-based brand jack henry has the answer