Bernard is a glass raised to those that believe in style as a guiding force. To the fluid and the fearless and to those who commit to life without hesitation. Bernard is the expression of our kindred spirit, a shared love of finding beauty in the world, and basking in it. 

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Known for:
Fragrances that are fluid, style driven, and fearless
Hero Product:
Cleome candle and Oro Parfum

The Founders
Todd Nickey & Amy Kehoe

Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe's design partnership began in Manhattan in 2004. Curious collaborators and modern hunters and gatherers of uncanny beauty, Todd and Amy's shared vision enlivens and inspires any home.

Drawn by the golden light of California, Todd and Amy established a LA-based design studio and boutique, offering a discerning clientele a new brand of luxury. Their bespoke furniture and globally sourced home accessories reflect their subtle elegance, design rigor, clever eye for detail, and a sense of an object's rightness in space.

Style & Ritual

Inspired by style, ritual, and the memory of scent, this signature collection of candles and parfum ol is a natural extension of Todd and Amy’s world of interiors. “You come home and you light candles, you light incense. It is memory” says Nickey.

This is Bernard
Brand Pillars

Classic: As timeless and fluid as a crisp white button-up. Expressive: Embracing an unfettered lust for life with want and abandon. Curious: A shared love of finding beauty in the world — and basking in it. Ritual: Grounded in the sensual and present in the ephemeral.