Travel Ultrasonic Diffuser -  Matte Black
Travel Ultrasonic Diffuser -  Matte Black
Travel Ultrasonic Diffuser -  Matte Black


Travel Ultrasonic Diffuser - Matte Black

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Breathe beauty with intention. Transform the mood & purify the air of any space on the go with this jet-set USB-powered diffuser that streams 100% natural essential oil mist. This sleek, matte black diffuser is car and hotel USB-port ready. What makes this USB-powered, take-anywhere diffuser so versatile is that it looks as sleek on your shelf at home as it does in a car cupholder. CAMPO pure essential oils make perfect on-the-go companions to take your rituals on the road.

Fill the container with water to the fill line. Add 5-10 drops CAMPO pure essential oil single notes or blends. Plug into the USB port. Turn on and transform the mood.

Misting duration: 3+ hour in non-stop mode Covers 100+ square feet. Includes USB cord for use with at least 5V 1A USB port or adapter to power on the diffuser. LED light and safety automatic shut-off. Tank capacity: 1.7 fl. oz./50ml Dimensions: 2.75 (D) x 5.25 (H) inches

Please read the user manual before use. Please keep the diffuser upright and do not soak in water. Use a damp cloth to clean the machine. Clean water tank and diffuser cover regularly. Oil buildup can diminish output. Use a cotton swab dipped in vinegar and water to clean in and around the inner water tank output hole. Materials: PP/PBA FREE.

1. Please use at least a 5V 1A adapter to power the diffuser or power will not be sufficient to run.

2. Do not add water above the MAX line in case of No mist or little mist.