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Grown Alchemist


$ 49.00
This universally flattering tinted day cream enhances any skin tone while hydrating, nourishing, and adding a light sun-kissed glow to facial skin. In addition to hydrating the skin it protects and provides a smooth, translucent, natural finish. Camellia and Rosehip Seed Oil contain precious phytosterols which re-hydrate and aid in the absorption and penetration of other hydrating actives. Polysaccharides from aloe vera promote healthy cell growth, and hydrate the skin while also healing and soothing. Triglycerides from Jojoba oil help increase the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture, helping prevent signs of aging. Cane sugar releases vital biosaccharides that soothe the skin and protect against free radical damage, boosting its natural protective function, inhibiting uv radiation. Mayblossom releases flavanoids which normalize sebum production, balance, decongest and reduce pore size. Geranium Extract contains flavonoids that dextoxify and decongest the skin.