A transformative ritual of high performance botanicals, to elevate skin in myriad ways. Converging organic ingredients they grow and uncompromising botanicals sourced from verified partners around the globe, their products are created for efficacy and sensitivity—a real solution for both skin and planet.

LESSE's considered edit of skin’s essentials are mindfully formulated to balance, heal and regenerate skin — with immediate and longterm results above and below the surface.

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Known for:
Transformative ritual skincare
Hero Product:
Bioactive Face Mask

Neada Deters

"Like so many, I never felt represented by this industry. It was always a world of aspiration, not inclusion. LESSE is our response — and shift — to this archaic paradigm.

We believe organic skin care is a universal necessity, transcending binaries and essential to our individual and collective health. Our focus is on creating real solutions for common and chronic skin concerns. Through products that are truly effective and considerate of the Earth."


Our approach is uncompromising; equally focused on quality and consciousness. From growing many of our own ingredients to using innovative, eco-friendly packaging solutions. — an ongoing commitment we have had to our planet since day one, and a path guiding us towards our goal of carbon neutrality by 2024. Currently encompassing planet-conscious packaging, considered cultivation of the organic ingredients we grow, verified sustainability of all we source, and a carbon offset available on all orders.

Meet the brilliant new skin-care line that would make marie kondo proud