David Mallett

The David Mallett hair care range offers a perfect synergy of carefully balanced ingredients, visibly embellishing the hair on a long-term basis without damaging it. Hair becomes soft, shiny and light while being revitalized. The hair fibre is healthy and supple, and ready to be styled. 

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Known for:
Combining absolute glamour with a distinct point of view on practicality and naturalness.
Hero Product:
Hair Serum #DM27

Discover David Mallett

David Mallett

Mallett’s career started in 1982. He grew up in Australia, in a “very traditional, big Catholic Australian family.” Mallett found himself inspired by hair, makeup, photography, film, rock music, and icons like Debbie Harry and Patti Smith. Through the world of editorial, an obsession with hair was born. So he taught himself, starting at age 16, by practicing on his sister and her friends.

Mallett’s talent was immediately evident—by 21 he’d won “Australian Hairdresser of the Year.” Some 15 years later and Mallett had (kind of) settled in Paris, adopting the city as his own, but constantly traveling due to the demands of editorial hairstyling. By 2003, around the time his son was born, he decided to “settle down,” and lay down his roots in Paris with the launch of his flagship Paris salon.

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