Carrière Frères

The story of Carrière Frères naturally follows that of the Royal Wax Manufacture, known today as Cire Trudon. In 1884, the Carrière brothers decide to buy the manufacture: passionate about historical savoir-faire, they have in mind to modernize it. Respectful of traditions, they first embrace the century-old heritage of master candle makers established in the 17th and 18th centuries. Then, eager to innovate, they create Carrière Frères in 1889: under this new entity, their curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit will thrive.

Opting for sustainable products and a creative approach, each element of the mix is chosen to minimize the environmental impact without compromising on the product’s aesthetics or sensory attributes. Raw materials are either ethically bought from a cooperative, support sustainability programs or organic agricultural practices. For each botanical essence, the process is specific, responsible, sustainable and ethical.

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Known for:
Versailles Candle Manufacture
Hero Product:
Tomato Candle

Natural Benefits

In each and every scented candle or spray, perfume and botanical essences are one: composed like a periodic table, the Carrière Frères line regroups scents extracted from herbs, roots, flowers, fruits or trees.

Like aromatherapy or naturopathy, the range finds inspiration in the many benefits of each plant: known for its soothing, purifying, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory or antidepressant properties, the vegetal kingdom sets new grounds for exploration.

This simple approach aims to reveal the natural power of botanic through a line of essential perfumes. Carrière Frères is a natural world set on an exploratory course.

Eco Friendly

Opting for a transparent approach, Carrière Frères demonstrates its commitment to sustainability through numerous actions and responsible choices:

Systematic local sourcing of natural raw materials - namely untreated rattan, cork, FSC paper, recycled polyester ribbons and 100% natural French beet alcohol. Choosing recycled and recyclable materials such as glass. FSC paper packaging printed with vegetable-based inks.

Discover Carrière Frères

Scented and made entirely from vegetal wax, the Carrières Frères candles exude inviting nature-inspired notes the instant they're lit