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Simple and sensual, RODIN perfume captures the heart of olio lusso's jasmine and neroli lovely scent. RODIN perfume has a distinctive signature at once intimate and long lasting. In it's chic bottle, it is the embodiment of quiet sophistication. Devotees of all RODIN'S luxurious products, this perfume, layered or worn alone, is sure to become another necessary indulgence.
30 ml — $ 240.00


Intensely personal, capturing a lost mid-century elegance, RODIN bis perfume exudes a time of rare luxury: a classic green-violet-orris scent both complex and graceful.

In many ways an ode to Linda’s mother, the spicy top notes begin with bergamot, anise flower and lemon. The plush round heart is touched by rose de mai, jasmine and violet, and the powdery base includes long lingering musk, ambergris, tonka, and lavender.

50 ml — $ 300.00


Olio lusso's signature mix of  delicate jasmine and a hint of neroli is the essence of this sleek RODIN pillar candle. With its boxed matches and elegant tissue wrapped candle, RODIN's scent infuses the air with a serene  and luxurious sense of well-being.
17.5 oz — $ 125.00